I cannot put into words how sick I feel after reading this.

The article itself is bad enough, but just wait until you read the comments..

This would probably explain why rape is ‘the most underreported crime.’ I’m sure there are many women who have enjoyed the experience, but would never admit for fear of being ostracized. Obviously, not all women enjoy being raped, or you wouldn’t have any women going to the police.

The bottom line is this: regardless of whether or not most women enjoy being raped, the crime itself is pretty much trivial… rape is a form of sex. It’s not murder, and it’s not a form of assault that causes serious or permanent physical damage in most cases.”

- from user, ‘Mark’. Swell guy, as you can see.

"[In reply to Mark] The thrill, the risk, the danger and the fear are all integral to the context that women can find so arousing. Ain’t nothin’ trivial about the real deal. But feminists, the emotionally crippled morons that they are, wouldn’t understand this.”

- ‘Codebuster’.

It goes on and on and on, to the point where I am convinced that these people will never change their minds; they’ll never be persuaded to a different opinion because they think they are the utmost of intellectuals and everyone else is wrong, deluded or fucked.

Just. No words.

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